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More people today are looking for work instead of pursuing a meaningful purpose. The rising cost of college has been delivering a failing grade for return on investment leading to mass disappointment. These are not new challenges. It doesn’t matter when the graduation date fell on the calendar. Many that graduated in the summer of love in 1967 are still searching for purpose. Millions today are looking toward the upcoming days of the 21st century with the same question, “What’s the purpose of my life?”

The Secret Advantage:  Core fundamentals for success in the 21st Century.The program delivers four themes on skill sets demanded by leading corporations.

C -  Competency and how to be the best prepared for any top position in any company

O -  Opportunity and the ways entrepreneurs discover the next great business

R -  Results you can expect when using these skills

E -  Effectiveness shows how to put these principles into action.

There are 64 total episodes.

Each episode is approximately 20 minutes to accommodate daily drive times.

The complete program includes:

  • 64 episodes on 21 audio CDs.
  • Plus, a DVD video documentary about Earl      Nightingale and Lloyd Conant.
  • Six additional Earl Nightingale unedited video      programs.

Over 21 hours of life changing powerful ideas.

All you need is one idea that engages your unlimited potential, and will get anything you want.

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How much education is enough?

Your education should never stop. Week number four of our GOAL series features the importance of lifelong learning for the letter L in GOAL.

Education from proven mentors will lead to success.

We begin with Jim Rohn The Art of Exceptional Living who said that you can be worth a million if you work harder on yourself more than your job. Denis Waitley New Dynamics of Goal Setting says that winners must refine their goals by using lifelong learning to constantly grow. Brian Tracy The New Psychology of Achievement presents a key Question to ask yourself. Frederic Lehrman Prosperity Consciousness suggests that a mastermind alliance will focus your activity on constant growth by holding one another accountable for the skills you want to develop. Napoleon Hill The Science of Personal Achievement is the original author of the mastermind alliance concept and describes two types of alliances that are beneficial. Zig Ziglar See You at the Top explains the importance of the words we use to insure the right kind of lifelong learning.  Vic Conant This I Believe shares an impression of the Nightingale Conant warehouse library of the vault of great ideas for a smarter education is available to make your quest for lifelong learning easier.


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Our attitudes shape us more than any outside forces.

My Power Podcast GOALS  Attitude

One of the most important attitudes to adopt immediately to achieve your goals is the attitude that you are worthy.


Denis Waitley The Psychology of Winning says to enjoy the game and that builds the right attitude. Joe Vitale The Missing Secret discusses our own self awareness and how that sets us up for an attitude of achieving more. Zig Ziglar See You at the Top explains you are where you are because of your attitude. And, a classic story that has changed more lives from Earl Nightingale Lead The Field and the power to building a winning attitude by writing your goal on a card.


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What opportunities will your goals reveal?

Opportunities on this week’s GOALS series from Nightingale Conant My Power Podcast

We continue our special four week series on GOALS, as we present opportunities that can be taken advantage of in today’s market.


We begin with Dr. Tony Alessandra and Dr. Terry Paulson The Optimism Advantage to set the stage for maximizing opportunities by being aligned with your purpose. Seth Godin the former VP of Direct Marketing at Yahoo in his program Making Money on the Web reports from his experience that the Internet life of its own. Mary Ellen Tribby Channels of Profit   presents the three types of websites to choose from to be in business for yourself.  Paul Zane Pilzer The Entrepreneurial Challenge shares specific internet ideas. Michael Masterson Seven Years to Seven Figures warns, don’t quit your job. But, refine your idea or master plan while you still have an income. Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret defines what it means to be an entrepreneur or self employed.

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Are your goals what you love?

Nightingale Conant My Power Podcast GOALS -


G   -  Goal setting for 2016 and the rest of your life.

Before setting those goals, are you sure you are doing what you love?

Steven Pressfield, The War of Art says that it is the love of the game that drives the successful. Denis Waitley, The New Dynamics of Goal Setting offers a new goal program unlike any other. Brian Tracy, The Psychology of Achievement explains an exercise that has been proven to turn goals into results. Joe Vitale, The Secret to Attracting Money offers an opinion that you really can have it all. Dr. Tony Alessandra and Dr. Terry Paulson, The Optimism Advantage compares goal setting as a train with a long line of cars in tow. Zig Ziglar, Goals advices that once we set our goals we have to edit them and get rid of the good for only the best. And finally, classic advice from the man credited with giving us positive thinking, W Clement Stone, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude  who strongly advised that we all must have goals.

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Do you want to be wealthy?

What can you do immediately to achieve your goal?

In this Power Podcast Brian Tracy gets you started, Fredric Lehrman defines wealth. Zig Ziglar explains what you have to do,  Dr. Wayne Dyer on doing what’s right, Joe Vitale turns off negatives, and Earl Nightingale reveals the origin of the Strangest Secret. All this and more in this episode of My Power Podcast.


Have Enough to Do Want You Want?

Is it possible the people who say, “Money can’t make you happy,” are those that never had an great wealth?

$100 dollar billsWe should distinguish the difference between wealth and happiness. Happiness is a mental attitude. Wealth is a quantifiable sum. This article is about accumulating the quantifiable sum of your riches.

The majority of the water cooler -coffee machine residents that populate companies large and small spread their gossip about the luck and karma that made others more money. Being born under a lucky star has nothing to do with sustainable wealth. It comes down to the results from efforts. Work.

Earl Nightingale wrote, “Money is the harvest of our production.”

Production is the key. It’s the things that unlocks all the treasures you could want. If you want more, do more. If you want to become important, work toward becoming indispensible. Sure, we all can be replaced. The difficulty in replacing us determines the measure of compensation. The top sales person that brings in the big deals month after month is hard to replace. The person that delivers the supplies can be easily replaced. Who makes more money. Both jobs are important. It’s the degree of cost of replacement. Some sales organizations see the top producer as making too much money. So, they cut their client list and hire two up and comers to work those accounts. Bad move. The two up and comers will have to be trained. That costs. The new people will make mistakes and make clients angry. Bad results that cost more money. It’s better to take care of the big producer with big rewards. Don’t let them go. If you are the big producer, keep producing. Pay attention to the little daily tasks you had to do to get to be the top producer.

Our challenge in the day-to-day is to create more value from the work we do. Whatever the task, we must reach out to do it better than anyone else. To be able to have all the wealth you want, listen to Zig Ziglar’s segment in this episode of My Power Podcast. He explains in easy simple to understand terms exactly what you must do to be able to do anything you want.

What Money Is

Some say the first stamped coins were minted around 650–600 BC. Since then, we have been counting our coins carefully and always hoping that good fortune will provide us more. The idea of currency is more deep rooted in us as humans as a means of getting stuff. The banter of , Ancient Coins“You give me that, and I’ll give you this,” has been around a long time. The use of barter has been with us at least 100,000 years. When barter did occur, it was usually between either complete strangers or potential enemies. Negotiating became a desired skill to acquire.

Once the negotiating is done and you assess how good the deal was and how much money you may have left on the table, you now have the starting point of your future wealth. How much did you earn from your hard work and effort? That is the starting point. You created value and were paid as a direct result of what you did. The secret to wealth is not just your ability as a money changer, your wages are the immediate result of your production.

The measure of your wealth is how much you keep.

We’ve all heard stories about the multi-million dollar athletes that gain instant rewards for their skills at out running, out jumping, and out doing anyone else. Wow, you say, “Twenty million a year. Wish I could do that.”

Then, you hear how the cost of bling, cars, boats, and hot babes left the athlete too broke and too old to earn anything more.

You, on the other hand, learning from great books like, The Richest Man in Babylon, will have the secret power to be the winner at the end of the day.

The value you bring to work each day produces the instant results in salary and commissions. The value at the end of the day is how much you decided to pay yourself.