How much education is enough?

Your education should never stop. Week number four of our GOAL series features the importance of lifelong learning for the letter L in GOAL.

Education from proven mentors will lead to success.

We begin with Jim Rohn The Art of Exceptional Living who said that you can be worth a million if you work harder on yourself more than your job. Denis Waitley New Dynamics of Goal Setting says that winners must refine their goals by using lifelong learning to constantly grow. Brian Tracy The New Psychology of Achievement presents a key Question to ask yourself. Frederic Lehrman Prosperity Consciousness suggests that a mastermind alliance will focus your activity on constant growth by holding one another accountable for the skills you want to develop. Napoleon Hill The Science of Personal Achievement is the original author of the mastermind alliance concept and describes two types of alliances that are beneficial. Zig Ziglar See You at the Top explains the importance of the words we use to insure the right kind of lifelong learning.  Vic Conant This I Believe shares an impression of the Nightingale Conant warehouse library of the vault of great ideas for a smarter education is available to make your quest for lifelong learning easier.


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Our attitudes shape us more than any outside forces.

My Power Podcast GOALS  Attitude

One of the most important attitudes to adopt immediately to achieve your goals is the attitude that you are worthy.


Denis Waitley The Psychology of Winning says to enjoy the game and that builds the right attitude. Joe Vitale The Missing Secret discusses our own self awareness and how that sets us up for an attitude of achieving more. Zig Ziglar See You at the Top explains you are where you are because of your attitude. And, a classic story that has changed more lives from Earl Nightingale Lead The Field and the power to building a winning attitude by writing your goal on a card.


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Are your goals what you love?

Nightingale Conant My Power Podcast GOALS -


G   -  Goal setting for 2016 and the rest of your life.

Before setting those goals, are you sure you are doing what you love?

Steven Pressfield, The War of Art says that it is the love of the game that drives the successful. Denis Waitley, The New Dynamics of Goal Setting offers a new goal program unlike any other. Brian Tracy, The Psychology of Achievement explains an exercise that has been proven to turn goals into results. Joe Vitale, The Secret to Attracting Money offers an opinion that you really can have it all. Dr. Tony Alessandra and Dr. Terry Paulson, The Optimism Advantage compares goal setting as a train with a long line of cars in tow. Zig Ziglar, Goals advices that once we set our goals we have to edit them and get rid of the good for only the best. And finally, classic advice from the man credited with giving us positive thinking, W Clement Stone, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude  who strongly advised that we all must have goals.

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Nightingale Conant My Power Podcast Sales Skills Special

Larry Winget, Success is Your Own Damn Fault leads our sales skills special with his take on how to make sales easy. Roger Dawson, Power Negotiating for Salespeople explains why it is imperative to sell with a profit. Brian Tracy, Psychology of Achievement on goals and the three turning points. Jim Rohn, A Day That Turns Your Life Around says the first goal is to make as much part time as you do on your fulltime job.  All this and more on our sales skills special.


Intentions. Results.

Sure, you’ve heard the saying, “What you see is what you get.”

How about this, “What you do is what you get.”   intentions

In the book, How to Sell Your Way Through Life, Napoleon Hill writes,  ”Hard work is the only thing that will turn sales training and ability into money. No amount of good health, courage, or imagination is worth a dime unless it is put to work; and the amount of pay a salesman gets is usually fixed by the amount of very hard, intelligent work that he actually puts out. Many people side-step this factor of success.”

It’s great to listen to our Podcast, build a success library, and go to seminars. The truth is all the positive thinking in the world will not hand you the success you are meant to enjoy unless to apply positive action to your positive thinking. W. Clement Stone wrote, “Intentions are one thing, results are another.”

This episode of My Power Podcast is packed with advice that will help you take action.

Dreams and desires act as the catalyst to our goal setting.

The year of the horse is your year to follow your desires.

year of the horseA discussion about desire has been around for centuries. Even back to ancient Greece when Aristotle suggested that desire alone cannot account for all movement towards a goal. He went on to say that reason, in conjunction with desire along with imagination, makes it possible for reason and desire work together to determine what is a good object of desire. He wrote that the soul is guided by two horses, a dark horse of passion and a white horse of reason. Then Socrates comes along and does not suggest the dark horse be done away with. This is important, he said that passions make possible a movement towards the objects of desire. Passion moves us to achieve the result of our desires. He went on to teach that desire must be placed in relation to reason so that the object of desire can be identified correctly. That way we know that we have the right desire. The reason for your passion must ring true. Once we know the essence of our desire we must ignite that desire with a burning passion.

What is it you desire so much you can taste it? Is the thing you desire balanced with reason? Does this mission mean everything to you so that you can create the passion needed to carry you across the finish line? Of course, you have a strong purpose in you. We all do. Want to discover what great mission may be waiting deep in your subconscious?

Our authors and speakers have been guiding people to achieve their dreams. Though out this coming year, we are dedicated to becoming your resource for constant direction to achieve your goals. When you hear samples from the programs that make up our weekly playlist, take advantage of the discounts we’ve arranged by clicking on the ad on your right.



How do you feel about yourself?

On self esteem in this episode we have answers from some of the biggest names in success beginning with Denis Waitley, Seeds of Greatness. Jack Canfield, Maximum Confidence. Les Brown, The Power of Purpose. Roger Dawson, The Secrets of Power Persuasion. Dan Kennedy & Dr. Maxwell Maltz, The New Psycho-Cybernetics. All this and more on this episode.


Seeds of Greatness

Think of the word, ‘seed’, and potential is evident.  Every seed has a specific life to fulfill. Everything needed for an oak tree to grow is held within the acorn. What specific life has been hard wired into your DNA?

dreamstime_5653067Denis Waitley has told the story about how he and his grandmother planted a garden together, “I was amazed that the tiny seeds we were burying in the ground would become something we would later harvest and eat.”

His grandmother told him that they were planting seeds of greatness. Years later, that line became the title of his New York Times Best-Seller and Nightingale Conant audio program, Seeds of Greatness.

Then, there’s the ‘Parable of the Sower’, the first parable to occur in the book of Mark in the Bible. In this parable, a sower dropped seed on the path, on rocky ground, and among thorns, and the seed was lost; but when seed fell on good earth, it grew, yielding thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold. The point of the parable is to illuminate the need for us to realize that we are in a manner of speaking, the good earth where seeds can grow into great successes.

Some have given interpretations to the parable such as: The sower sows seeds of greatness in all of us. We just handle the seed differently. The seeds falling on the path represent those who dismiss the idea. The seeds falling on the rocks represent those who accept the idea of the seed, but dismiss it and think great things are only for a few. The seeds falling on thorns represent those who take it to heart, but allow things like money and day to day busyness prevent the idea form ever having a chance. Then, there are the  seeds falling on good soil. This represents those who truly understand it, they get it, they cause it to bear fruit.

You are one of these who like the good soil will nourish, prune, watch over, study, love, believe in the idea, and have a passionate pursuit of the greatness destined within that seed.

Controlling Desire or Magnificent Obsession

Dr. Maxwell Maltz (1899 – 1975) was a cosmetic surgeon. To his amazement, his patients who would undergo the knife for a new nose, perfect chin, or whatever, and later still have the same self image of themselves, no matter what the mirror reflected. In 1960 he wrote, Psycho-Cybernetics  a bestseller claiming a system of ideas that is considered the forerunner many now popular self help books.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Dr. Maxwell Maltz

The book introduced his view that we must have an accurate and positive view of our self before setting goals. Visualizing goals and self-image is the cornerstone of all the changes that take place in a person. Not the latest liposuction, botox, or nip and tuck this and that.  According to Maltz, if your self-image is unhealthy or faulty — all efforts will end in failure. He writes, “To win the war against your enemy, your failure mechanism, you must first be able to pierce the disguises behind which it lies.”

He goes on to say, “The act of failing is not part of the failure mechanism.”

In other words, one act of failing doesn’t make a failure. The fear of failure can not be the thing that stops you from attempting to succeed. Maltz writes, “If you’ve never failed at anything, you have never tried anything.”

The failure mechanism is a much deeper seeded fault that we must confront. Self doubt happens to all of us, but can not be a dominant thought. Or, it will shape the result in a way we don’t want. As James Allen wrote in, As A Man Thinketh, “You will become as small as your controlling desire, or as great as your dominant aspiration.”
The secret is to escape the small negative self thoughts, and reach for the success you are meant to enjoy.