Are your goals what you love?

Nightingale Conant My Power Podcast GOALS –


G   –  Goal setting for 2016 and the rest of your life.

Before setting those goals, are you sure you are doing what you love?

Steven Pressfield, The War of Art says that it is the love of the game that drives the successful. Denis Waitley, The New Dynamics of Goal Setting offers a new goal program unlike any other. Brian Tracy, The Psychology of Achievement explains an exercise that has been proven to turn goals into results. Joe Vitale, The Secret to Attracting Money offers an opinion that you really can have it all. Dr. Tony Alessandra and Dr. Terry Paulson, The Optimism Advantage compares goal setting as a train with a long line of cars in tow. Zig Ziglar, Goals advices that once we set our goals we have to edit them and get rid of the good for only the best. And finally, classic advice from the man credited with giving us positive thinking, W Clement Stone, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude  who strongly advised that we all must have goals.

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