Dreams and desires act as the catalyst to our goal setting.

The year of the horse is your year to follow your desires.

year of the horseA discussion about desire has been around for centuries. Even back to ancient Greece when Aristotle suggested that desire alone cannot account for all movement towards a goal. He went on to say that reason, in conjunction with desire along with imagination, makes it possible for reason and desire work together to determine what is a good object of desire. He wrote that the soul is guided by two horses, a dark horse of passion and a white horse of reason. Then Socrates comes along and does not suggest the dark horse be done away with. This is important, he said that passions make possible a movement towards the objects of desire. Passion moves us to achieve the result of our desires. He went on to teach that desire must be placed in relation to reason so that the object of desire can be identified correctly. That way we know that we have the right desire. The reason for your passion must ring true. Once we know the essence of our desire we must ignite that desire with a burning passion.

What is it you desire so much you can taste it? Is the thing you desire balanced with reason? Does this mission mean everything to you so that you can create the passion needed to carry you across the finish line? Of course, you have a strong purpose in you. We all do. Want to discover what great mission may be waiting deep in your subconscious?

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