How much education is enough?

Your education should never stop. Week number four of our GOAL series features the importance of lifelong learning for the letter L in GOAL.

Education from proven mentors will lead to success.

We begin with Jim Rohn The Art of Exceptional Living who said that you can be worth a million if you work harder on yourself more than your job. Denis Waitley New Dynamics of Goal Setting says that winners must refine their goals by using lifelong learning to constantly grow. Brian Tracy The New Psychology of Achievement presents a key Question to ask yourself. Frederic Lehrman Prosperity Consciousness suggests that a mastermind alliance will focus your activity on constant growth by holding one another accountable for the skills you want to develop. Napoleon Hill The Science of Personal Achievement is the original author of the mastermind alliance concept and describes two types of alliances that are beneficial. Zig Ziglar See You at the Top explains the importance of the words we use to insure the right kind of lifelong learning.  Vic Conant This I Believe shares an impression of the Nightingale Conant warehouse library of the vault of great ideas for a smarter education is available to make your quest for lifelong learning easier.


Details at the end of this episode about the bonus GOALS FREE One Hour Movie from

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