Nightingale Conant My Power Podcast – Luck

Does luck have anything to do with your success?

That depends on how you think about luck. If you believe good luck or bad luck is something external that you have no control over, you have the basic principle that makes Las Vegas successful. However, if you think you have control over your destiny, here’s a different approach to luck. Luck may be your inner voice, your gut feeling, you inspiration calling you.
Over time, a lot of thought and study has gone into how luck plays out for us. Freud, said luck has more to do with a locus of control. That term, locus of control, in social psychology refers to the extent individuals believe that they can control events that affect them. The concept was has become an important aspect of personality studies. Individuals with a high internal locus of control believe that events result primarily from their own behavior and actions. Those with a low internal locus of control believe that powerful people, fate, or chance primarily determine events. Lucky people tend to be aware, or at least, receptive to what appears to be an opportunity. Unlucky people only see the opportunity that others have achieved. Even when things go wrong, the lucky people seem to have more resilience and bounce back from one loss to chase another good idea.
If that’s the case, lucky people listen to their gut feelings and hunches and get into action. Lucky people see opportunities and act on them. Unlucky people avoid new ideas. Unlucky people miss opportunities because they’re too busy expecting something to go wrong. Lucky people see what is there rather than just what they’re looking for. Luck becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.
Good and bad luck may be the result of your habits. If you expect good luck, you might spend more effort resulting in more success. Thomas Jefferson wrote. “I believe in luck, and the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

The big game favors the lucky gambler, but the winning team is not built on luck, but by the hard work and leadership of talented players and coaches who know how to lead. All of us can learn the winning caching skills that determine the final score. The question is, “Do you want your life to depend on a coin toss?”

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