Nightingale Conant My Power Podcast Sales Skills Special

Larry Winget, Success is Your Own Damn Fault leads our sales skills special with his take on how to make sales easy. Roger Dawson, Power Negotiating for Salespeople explains why it is imperative to sell with a profit. Brian Tracy, Psychology of Achievement on goals and the three turning points. Jim Rohn, A Day That Turns Your Life Around says the first goal is to make as much part time as you do on your fulltime job.  All this and more on our sales skills special.


Intentions. Results.

Sure, you’ve heard the saying, “What you see is what you get.”

How about this, “What you do is what you get.”   intentions

In the book, How to Sell Your Way Through Life, Napoleon Hill writes,  “Hard work is the only thing that will turn sales training and ability into money. No amount of good health, courage, or imagination is worth a dime unless it is put to work; and the amount of pay a salesman gets is usually fixed by the amount of very hard, intelligent work that he actually puts out. Many people side-step this factor of success.”

It’s great to listen to our Podcast, build a success library, and go to seminars. The truth is all the positive thinking in the world will not hand you the success you are meant to enjoy unless to apply positive action to your positive thinking. W. Clement Stone wrote, “Intentions are one thing, results are another.”

This episode of My Power Podcast is packed with advice that will help you take action.

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