Secret Advantage

New from Earl Nightingale, The Secret Advantage, CORE Fundamentals update his life’s work for the 21st Century

The Secret Advantage: Core Fundamentals To Get Anything You Want.

Rare collector edition of Earl Nightingale’s most relevant messages to compete and win today. 21 Audio CDs. 64 topic driven twenty minute episodes. DVD documentary about Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant.

Powerful Earl Nightingale messages organized into four skill sets demanded by leading corporations.

C – Competency and how to be the best prepared for any top position in any company

O – Opportunity and the ways entrepreneurs discover the next great business

R – Results you can expect when using these skills

E – Effectiveness shows how to put these principles into action.

The complete program includes:

  • 64 episodes
  • Plus, a video documentary about Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant.
  • Six additional Earl Nightingale newly discovered video programs.

Over 21 hours of life changing powerful ideas. All you need is one idea that engages your unlimited potential, and you will get anything you want.

Today the new competitive landscape of our changing world creates unlimited opportunities. Technological revolution and globalization offers new challenges, however, personal development skills are critical in any age. Competition today requires new types of leaders that understand social media, search engines, and product development. All of these things are irrelevant without the core competency to get a job and rise to the top.

Top of mind at all companies is the focus on developing human capital. Every expansion into a new techno driven world requires highly motivated fully functioning human beings. The smart companies recognize the value of investing in the right people at the right time. The secret advantage is to develop those core principles to stand out front of any and all competition.

No other contemporary author and speaker of the 20th Century had more impact than Earl Nightingale. His partnership with Lloyd Conant and the leadership of Vic Conant delivered the skills and attitudes to millions that have created the best companies on the planet. The Secret Advantage: Core Fundamentals To Get Anything You Want is a compilation audio program that features the most important messages for success in the 21st Century. The extensive library of Earl’s works from hundreds of hours of the best selling programs and thousands of radio broadcasts have been researched, edited, and organized in this new format.

The tactics to win in the 21st Century have been modified. However, your strategy must be based on four core fundamentals that have been proven over time by every successful person. These are the fundamentals companies want in the leaders they hire, and these are the four fundamentals the market demands.

More millionaires, business CEOs, famous authors, actors and leaders worldwide began their journey to the top inspired by Earl Nightingale.

Millions have purchased Earl Nightingale programs from Nightingale Conant since he and his partner, Lloyd Conant, launched their business. Earl’s radio program, Our Changing World, was the most successful syndicated daily radio program heard on over 1,000 stations for over 30 years.

Months of research and editing hundreds of hours of his recordings have been selected into messages that represent the most relevant ideas for your success today categorized in each of the four CORE fundamentals.

C – Competency and how to be the best prepared for any top position in any company

O – Opportunity and the ways entrepreneurs discover the next great business

R – Results you can expect when using these skills

E – Effectiveness shows how to put these principles into action.

To drill down these advantages, we produced 64 topic driven episodes to make it easy to refer to the messages that reveal the secrets. Each episode is roughly twenty minutes each with several messages from various programs that address that specific topic. Within 20 minutes a day on your commute, or wherever you are, you will discover your advantages to exceed any goal you choose.

In Episode 2 Jobs and Getting Rich we edited six separate segments to address the topic of how you can get rich in your current career. Your plans to make it rich are determined by your competency as told in the program Start Here. Learn why there are no unimportant jobs as all jobs are stepping stones. Find out why all the money you will ever make is at this moment in the hands of someone else. That’s in a message from Our Changing World. Being your best is an act of will was first taught in The Essence of Success.

In Episode 59 Truth, Earl explains how basic skills make us all more effective. From Our Changing World we hear the Truth Boomerang. In the program Great Ideas Earl explained ways to trust people when we first meet, and have them trust us. In this episode there are five segments addressing effective communication skills. Skills to use in sales, presentations, and simply making new friends. In Episode 60 Communication Skills, Earl teaches effectiveness in speaking. This episode shares a powerful philosophy that shows you how to win instant rapport with everyone you meet.

Our new world of internet commerce requires a modification in tactics, but strategic skills are still mandatory. Take for example creating a successful Youtube video or video blog. There’s a lot more to going viral than turning on a camera. Content drives views.

These skills are in a number of episodes such as Episode 61 Communication Skills Online as skills on announcing, writing, and editing are presented in five segments . And more in Episode 62 Become a Successful Author with six segments covering writer’s block, vocabulary, mastery of language, and tips from one of the literary giants that Earl studied. In Episode 14 Become a Writer, Earl explains how he wrote thousands of daily radio programs with fresh new ideas everyday.

What does success mean if you, at the end of the day, are not happy? Earl covered this topic a great deal in a number of his programs. In Episode 43 Happiness, we present six carefully selected segments from Earls programs that cover issues about becoming happy in both hard and good times.

How do you discover the right opportunities? Earl Nightingale offers advice to know for sure what you do not want in Episode 34 Know What Opportunities You Want.

The 64 episodes are in series based on the four CORE fundamentals.

The program delivers four themes on skill sets demanded by leading corporations.

The Secret Advantage: Core Fundamentals To Get Anything You Want